Monday, July 27, 2009

Back from my tour

Finally back and trying to catch up. I'm so far the world's worst blogger. But the book tour was great and a lot of books were sold. I got to see a lot friends and visit and hang out in hotels with cheese plates. Hey, I'm from East TExas, it was a big time. In case you might not know, Delacort has accept an idea of mine for a young adult book, to be written the end of and the beginning of next year. It's called ALL THE EARTH THROWN TO THE SKY, and has to do with the Dust Bowl and The Great Depression, takes place in Oklahoma and Texas. I'm really excited about this one, and look forward to it. Also a couple of unannounced and forthcoming projects are in the works....Last night I was on FUNKY WEREPIG, which is an on line "radio" show, and it was a lot of fun, though I probably rambled more than I meant to. Still tired from all that traveling. Currently working on a short story, then I'll dive into the Hap and Leonard project that I'm currently calling DEVIL RED. Hope I do better blogging on a regular basis, but, alas, I'm easily distracted. Will be in Austin at Armadillo con August 14th through the 16th. Drop by the dealers table where either my daughter of myself will be selling books to pay for the massive amount of dog food my dog, Buffy The Biscuit Slayer consumes, and then watch for me at KillerCon in September, 16th-20th, in Las Vegas. Over and out.


  1. I'll be seeing you at KillerCon. If we cross paths, I promise to buy you a drink of your choice. I owe you one for the great chat you did with my writing group.

  2. Hey, JOE!
    I've read 7 (seven) stories about Hap & Leonard in less than a month.
    I'm a Hap&Leonard addicted, now.
    I speak with a coarse language,now and my stronger desire is to visit Texas, hoping to meet Hap or Leonard (perhaps better meeting Hap than Leonard.
    Think about this: I've known you because I was seeing a tv program called: "Parla con me" with Serena Dandini. And who I've seen in tv? A man, they say he was a writer; well, at a certain moment the writer give a slap in the face of Dario Vergassola, one of the most bloody well jinxed men in the world. The programme acquired interest...
    When do you think to come back in Italy?
    I would like to have a dedication in each hap&leo book I have!!!
    THANK YOU!!!!
    Massimo Casalini

  3. Hi Joe! what do you say about your last tour in my city Piacenza (Italy)??