Monday, September 14, 2009

Veil's Visit

Reading Veil's Visit, a short story that my brother Andrew Vachss and I wrote about my characters Hap and Leonard, and his character Veil. Veil also appears in CAPTAINS OUTRAGEOUS. I'm reading a bit of it at a time and will post it on my site a bit each day, or if you have an interest you can download it all. Should be finished soon, but I haven't had a chance to go at it regularly. My daughter is helping me film it. So, soon...
Kasey has a new site,, and I recommend you look it over. It should be growing shortly. She has a songwriting contract in Nashville, and we're hoping for an artist contract in the near future.
DEVIL RED, the new Hap and Leonard novel is closing in on a third done, and I'm pretty happy with it. Changes for everyone in this one, and you might even call this one a private detective novel as Hap and Leonard go to work for Marvin Hanson who has opened an agency. They won't work for him in every book, but from time to time I thought it would be a fun way to go.
Off to Las Vegas wednesday for KILLERCON. Kare and I arrive Wednesday evening, and Kasey and her husband Adam are showing up Friday. Kasey is actually performing Friday somewhere in Vegas, the spot being on her site if you're out that way or know someone who is.
Anyway, should be fun. Kasey and Adam are both on panels. My son-in-law is one of my martial arts students and he'll be on a panel for martial arts. Kasey is on a marketing panel.
As for the cop in Nebraska, I thought of writing a letter about his unprofessional behaviour, but they would just think I was complaining. If they have a camera on his car they can see what an idiot he is, however. May he grow like an onion with his head in the ground.
So, enough for now, and I'm off.


  1. Please allow me to apologize ahead of time for the shameless praise and adoration I wantonly lavish upon the Hap Collins and Leonard Pine series. I've never read a better example of friendship between two men than in the Leonard and Hap series. I have gifted my brother and a small group of my closest friends a Hap and Leonard book, always reminding them (my friends and family) of their importance in my life. Being a man of many words who often talks to much for his own good, I can appreciate the true value of actions and how they ultimately direct the course of any relationship. As well intentioned as words might be, they fail to deliver where action is neccesary. One constant that runs throughout the books that makes me appreciate Hap and Leonard's relationship, is the way in which Hap will always be there for his friend without having any mental conflict over it. Sure he might be scared to death and worried for his life, but those emotions are always secondary to Hap's pressing need to aid Leonard regardless of the situation. Leonard is no different. I wish I could say I was always that dedicated and trustworthy. I never hear melodramatic music playing in the background, or see super slow motion action sequences when I read a Hap and Leonard story. As crazy as the books get at times, they never seem over-sensationalised. I have come to cherish the idiosyncracies of each character and the way they approach the world. Many of my friends attended SFA (axe 'em 'jacks) or grew up in east Texas. I love hearing the stories they tell about growing up or living in east Texas and then comparing the details of those stories to the descriptions in any given Hap and Leonard book. After a fair bit of goading and arm twisting, I convinced a good buddy of mine from Lufkin to pick up a Hap and Leonard novel and give it the old college try. He loved it. A direct quote, "Lansdale knows east Texas. I feel like he took all of my memories and re-wrote them without changing the setting". Thanks for all of your work creating such memorable and fun characters.

  2. "Veil's Visit" also appears in THE MAMMOTH BOK OF LEGAL THRILLERS...

  3. Thank you Mr. Dickson. Sorry for the delayed response to your kind words. And Valerie, thanks for the shout out.


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