Monday, June 22, 2009


My daughter Kasey and I went to a meeting for P.R.O.T.E.C.T. in Nashville. This is an organization close to my brother, Andrew Vachss's heart, as well as ours. To find out more about it, check it out on line. It's for the protection of children, and is not your usual chairty. It's an actual lobby for children, and boy has it got good things done. Again, for more information, check it out. David Keith, the actor, is the mouth piece for the organization, and he did a wonderful job explaining what the organization is all about. Also, Martina McBride and Trace Adkins the country singer was there as well. And many others. It's great to see this organization grow from a little seed to this. Again, go to the website and find out about becoming a member. Off to Italy Thursday for a long weekend to be at an envent titled La Milanesiana, which is for literature, cinema and music. Lot of Noble prize winners, and me and Roger Corman. I should also mention that Protect had two wonderful advocates there, two people who make the organization happen. They are Grier Weeks, and Camille Cooper. I'm proud to be a member, but these guys do the work. Last word, sales: Check out VANILLA RIDE from KNOPF, due the end of this month. I've seen the book, and it looks great, and I hope it reads great. Reviews have been awesome. First Hap and Leonard novel in eight years, followed next year by another, and now you can buy the entire backlist of Hap and Leonard, as well as other books of mine, from VINTAGE BOOKS, in lovely editions. Hey, I'm excited.

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