Sunday, June 7, 2009

TV interview

Watch the interview with Serena Dandini


  1. I'll bet you understood every word she said.

  2. That Lady sure was Over talkin ya. I'm suprised you could think while answering.

    SOunded like she had a pair too.

    Not sure if that was Today Italia or not, but 16 minutes on TV with someone who doesnt speak the lingo means you gotta be big Time down there!

    When ya gonna read some more of those audio books. Need to do One of Your Classics "Desert" Style if ya know what i mean.

    What the hell is up with my keyboard and this post a comment box?????

    Your ZE BEST!!!!

  3. Watched half of it and gave up! Could hardly hear what Joe was saying over the translator. And I agree...the Italians seem to love Joe. Who can blame them??